Voice (2024)


Hokkaido, Japan: An old woman — formerly a man — lives by a lake in the northern reaches of Japan, gazing at Nakajima Island in its center where her daughter’s body was found long ago. She hasn’t been able to visit for almost 50 years. Tokyo: A middle-aged man lives on an island where criminals were once exiled in the past, earning a sparse living as a cattle herder. He is descended from such exiled criminals. He raised his only daughter by himself after losing his wife in an accident. One day, the daughter comes home from the mainland, seemingly pregnant but unwilling to explain.

Director: Yukiko Mishima

Also known as: Ichigatsu no Koe ni Yorokobi o Kizame Ichigatsu no Koe ni Yorokobi wo Kizame


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Genres: ,

Starring: , , ,

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